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VERONA, WI 53593

9:30 AM



Craig Rhiner

(608) 669-0610

7266 Riverside Rd., Verona, WI  53593

Friday, June 17, 2022

9:30 a.m. – Beginning with toys


LOCATION – CHANGE IN DIRECTIONS: With Hwy 69 under construction, from the junction of Hwy 151 & Hwy 69 at Verona (Exit 77) go just south of Hwy 151 to Valley Rd, west one mile on Valley to Sugar River Rd, south one mile on Sugar River to Riverside Rd, east one mile to sale site #7266. Watch for auction signs.


REASON: Sold farm


NOTE: Craig has enjoyed collecting his John Deere items for years and now with selling his farm is selling the following. This is only a partial list.


Lunch on grounds.


13 JOHN DEERE TRACTORS – most are original paint: ’29 JD “GP”, older restoration, SN206831; ’36 JD “B”, unstyled, Heisler head, gas manifold, SN20819; ’36 JD “A”, unstyled, Heisler head, gas manifold, restored, set up for pulling, SN424508; ’39 JD “H”, older restoration, new rear tires, SN10389 (has A decal); ’39 JD “L”, older restoration, Hercules engine, SN-no tag; ’41 JD “G”, set up for pulling, SN11546; ’42 JD “A”, original, SN522316; ’47 JD “A”, original, SN610671; ’47 JD “M”, older restoration, SN16236; ’49 JD “G”, not all assembled but complete, SN37672; ’49 JD “B”, original, approx. 50 hrs on overhaul, SN250428; ’52 JD “B”, original, SN299489; ’52 JD “AR”, original, SN283740; asst JD tractor parts & accessories.


COLLECTIBLE JOHN DEERE EQUIPMENT most all original: JD 613 2-12” trailer plow on steel, restored; JD 628 2-14” trailer plow on steel; JD 44 2-14” trailer plow on rubber; JD 55A-B-H 3-14” trailer plow on rubber; JD 145 4-16” 2 pt plow; 2 – JD 8’ quack diggers on rubber; JD 6’ quack digger on steel; JD 241 steel wheel running gear; JD #5 sickle mower; JD #45 sickle mower; JD #50 side mount sickle mower; JD mtd sickle mower for “M”; JD 7’ hay crimper; JD 290 2 row corn planter, disc opener; JD 2 row cult, handlift, early model; JD 2 row cult, fits “H”; JD B200 2 row cult, spring shank, complete; JD B200 2 row cult, shovel shank; JD 40’ elevator w/dragline & downspout, motor mount; JD “Van Brunt” 10’ grain drill w/grass seed; JD “12A” combine w/Hercules engine; JD 30 combine, auger feed; JD 42 combine; JD 7’ windrow pickup for 12A combine; JD 400 mixer mill; JD 46 loader for 1020 series; JD horse drawn walking plow; snow plow for JD “M”; pistons for A-B-G series; selection of JD equipment parts.


COLLECTIBLE EQUIPMENT: Peoria 6’ wood grain drill w/wood wheels; wood buckboard/wagon w/wood wheels, lime spreader attached; belt drive grain blower w/pan & pipe; walk behind potato digger; Clipper “Ferrell” fanning mill; McD #2 silo filler; homemade PTO drive portable air tank, 300 gal tank; McD 8’ rotary hoe; wagon poles & eveners; some items for salvage/iron; Ford 5000 4 cyld engine w/Rockford clutch on transport.


TRAILER-EQUIPMENT: ’97 Corn Pro 14’ livestock trailer, tandem axle; H&S 270 manure spreader w/end gate; Brillion 32’ field cultivator w/finish drag; JD 712 9 shank soil saver w/front discs & clod buster drag; JD 215 15’ cushion disk w/drag; Sukup grain cleaner; 3 pt 300 gal sprayer w/32’ boom; 20’ 4 section steel drag; 24’ livestock feeder wagon w/front dolly wheels; 3 pt H&S stack mover; 3 pt slusher bucket; portable small animal loading chute.


CONSIGNED BY NEIGHBOR: INT 1486 D tractor, cab, 3 pt, 5257 hrs, 8 suitcase weights, 4 sets of rear wheel weights, 20.8x38 duals; JD 3020 gas tractor, NF, 3 pt, SN96997, has JD 46 loader; JD 3940 forage harvester, one row corn & hay heads; HS Super 7+4 14’ , 3 beater chopper box on JD wagon; Badger BN1060 14’ 3 beater chopper box on Badger wagon; Kools KB54 blower; Gorman Rupp portable irrigation pump, 4”x4”, PTO; JD 4 row front mount cultivator fit 630 series; antiq tricycle; buck saw; windmill; wood keg; old clock, chairs; sew machine; JD hay rake; wood pulleys; Case tractor umbrella; glass insulators; grain bag dolly; meat hooks; lengths of 10-4 600v wire (65 & 36’); roof snow scoop.


GARDEN TRACTORS & ATTACH: 4-JD 110 lawn tractors (1965); JD 100 lawn tractor; JD 175 Hydro tractor; JD 70 lawn tractor; Brinley tractor attach: plow, disc, planter, cult; mtd tiller for 110 series.


200+ TOYS (start at 9:30 a.m.): Mostly JD, 1/16 scale, many w/orig boxes; several precision; two cylinder numbered show tractors; JD truck banks; TruScale tractors w/mtd corn picker; Case & IH tractors; JD pith helmet; Michigan crane plus other construction toys.


ANTIQUES – COLLECTIBLES: windmill fan w/gear box, no base; tin advertising signs; 6-wood spoke buggy wheels; many milk cans, various sizes; DeLaVal cream separator; hand crank wood barrel butter churn w/stand; milk bottles & pop bottles; Red Wing & other stoneware waterers, crocks, jugs; old bicycles; parlor stove; RR lantern plus other lanterns; hand corn sheller; pump jacks; D.B. chain saw; platform scale; forge; hang scale, CC saws; trolley for hay fork; 2 umbrellas for JD; wood nail kegs; old tools; anvil on block; cistern pump; egg basket; hay fork & hay knives; many farm collectibles; apple cider crusher/press; grape press; JD pump jack.


MISCELLANEOUS: 16’ sm animal hay feeder; fenders for DC Case; tractor weights (suitcase, JD lawn); 4-JD hyd cylinders; Wisconsin engine; Surge milker buckets, 42” barn fan; small bale elec bedding chopper; silage carts; Surge 2” SS pipeline for 55 stanchion barn; electrobrain washer/receiver, 3 milker units; Surge Alamo milker pump & motor; various elec motors; fencing items (wood & steel posts, barb & woven wire); asst gates; usual farm misc.


TERMS: Cash, good check, credit card (4% convenience fee if using credit card-NO DEBIT CARDS). All purchases must be settled for day of sale. Out of state checks require current bank letter of guarantee. Photo ID required to register to bid/buy. Announcements made at sale take precedence over advertised material. 

AUCTIONEER: Don Kleven (RWA #179), Stoughton/LaFarge, WI (608) 212-3320;

SALE MANAGER: James Seamonson (RWL #132), Stoughton, WI (608) 575-3325

AUCTION CONDUCTED BY: Ritger & Drendel Auction Specialists, LLP (RWAC #516) 116 N Main St., Fond du Lac, WI 54935


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